It all started when I was a kid, the oldest of three boys. My dad leaned on me for an extra hand- fixing and maintaining family vehicles and his business equipment. With all the knowledge my pop taught me, those intangible skills directly helped me when I chose to join the United States Navy. I served for ten years as an Gas Turbine Engine Electrician; even though it was a job primarily based on troubleshooting, I also worked directly with our mechanics. Since purchasing my first vehicle, I’ve acquired an affinity to repair and restore a part of our history: classic vehicles. Fast forward to a dream that came together with the help of my partner and friend to create and build an impeccable brand with service to all.

The thing that sets this business apart is that we are a small family-owned and family-operated business. We provide a service second to none at an affordable, yet competitive, price. You can trust that we will have honest and prompt services. Our turnaround rate of restoration vehicles is outstanding once you are scheduled in. We will have your vehicle completed above and beyond your highest expectations. In contrast, our competition has very long lag times, plus an extended waiting-list for scheduling. When your restoration is complete, you are ready to compete in any car show or place your vehicle for sale for top dollar. What we are selling is an honest, punctual and transparent service to your project that it will be in the best of hands throughout your restoration and repairs.

Car Restoration in Houston TX